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Optimization reaches a new level with the new Bid Simulator!

 Today, we’re announcing an update to ValueTrack, a feature for those of you who use third-party tracking software or have access to your web logs. Using the features previously announced, we made it easy to track your search and content campaigns separately by adding special parameters to your destination URLs. With the additional ValueTrack enhancements available today, you can track even more detail including the keyword matching option for your ad clicks.
Starting now, your destination URL can include the {matchtype} and {network} parameters. Here’s a quick example of how you might use these parameters:
Let’s say you have a keyword-targeted campaign running on Google search, search partners, and the Google Display Network. If your website is www.yoursite.com, you can use the new and existing ValueTrack parameters in your AdWords campaign to set the destination URL to: http://www.yoursite.com/?keyword={keyword}&matchtype={matchtype}&source={network}.
If an ad click comes from a search partner, and the keyword that triggered the ad, used cars, is a broad match keyword, in your web logs you will find that the ValueTrack parameters in the URL have been replaced with the following:
{keyword} = used cars
{matchtype} = b
{network} = s
In your web logs you will see: http://www.yoursite.com/?keyword=used%20cars&matchtype=b&source=s
To learn more about all of the ValueTrack parameters and see additional examples, visit the AdWords Help Center.

The Bid Simulator reaches a new level – Inside AdWords


A few weeks ago, we announced the launch of Estimated Top Impressions in the bid simulator. Today we’re announcing another improvement: the ability to view bid simulations across keywords in an ad group at once. With this launch, we hope to give you a faster and more scalable way of making bidding decisions across keywords in aggregate.

The ad group level bid simulator provides simulations for two types of changes:

  1. Applying a single bid to all the keywords in the ad group.
  2. Updating the ad group default bid (this only impacts those keywords that do not have their own keyword-level CPC bid and use the ad group default bid).

If you’re like many advertisers and manage your bids at the keyword-level, it may be worth taking a look at ad group level bid simulations: You could be surprised to find out that, in some cases, you could have achieved similar or better results had you managed your bids by using a single ad group default Max CPC bid.

The Bid Simulator reaches a new level – Inside AdWords


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